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Youtube Go apk App Download is Finally Here: New Latest Features Added

Do you like to access videos for less data usage? If your answer is YES, then let's start reading this amazing article about "Youtube Go apk App download". Introducing a Brand New App to enjoy & share your videos on "YouTube Go apk". Built for next generation of users to enjoy the power of YouTube.

What is New Youtube Go Apk App Download:

Google has released a Brand New Video App called YouTube Go apk App. It is designed to make downloading & sharing online videos easier and faster. The App is presently available under ‘Google’s Early Access Program’ (Beta version) on the Play Store as free download. This means you can use it only on Android Devices, until they release the full version.

Apps released under Early Access program can allow the users to try new apps before it gets into the market, and for App developers, it is a great way of identifying the issues in the App before they can launch it for the world.

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Youtube Go Apk App Download can be Accessed in 8 Indian Languages:

  1. Hindi
  2. Telugu
  3. Bengali
  4. Tamil
  5. Marathi
  6. Kannada
  7. Gujarati and
  8. Malayalam

Control Your Mobile Data by Youtube Go Apk App Download:

Preview videos before you decide to play and watch (or) save them. Control your data usage by choosing video sizes. Maximize your fun without burning up your data. Which allows users with poor signal (or) limited data to download Youtube videos for offline viewing.

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Share Videos without Internet by Youtube Go Apk App Download:

Share Youtube Videos with your Family and Friends without using Mobile Data.

A new added feature on the YouTube Go app which shows at the end of a Saved page is called “Send and Receive”. It allows users to send & receive their saved videos with others in their neighborhood. To use this feature, the sender is required to click on the Send button & the receiver has to hit on the Receive button. These two devices will create a private wireless network & the video will be transferred from one phone to another phone. This is similar to the way how “ShareIt” App works, the only difference is that the video which has saved in YouTube Go App can’t be accessed in your Mobile video player. It will open within the YouTube Go Apk only.

Amazing.. Isn’t it?


Youtube Go’s main Target is to Reduce the Usage of Data cost for users through offline mode: Youtube Go Apk

What is the difference between Youtube Go Apk App and a Regular Youtube App:

On first look, Youtube Go apk looks very similar to the primary YouTube app itself. Youtube Go’s Home Page shows videos in a vertical scroll & swiping towards right side reveals other sections in this App. After all, unlike the current YouTube app, the video scroll is very small & swiping towards right shows only one section called Saved for now in Beta version (Maybe they can add more options in Swipe section for Official Release).

youtube go apk

The Saved section shows all the saved/downloaded videos from the Home Page. The option to save online videos is limited in the primary YouTube App. User has to go through the options menu in every video to see whether it can be saved for offline access (or) not. YouTube Go makes things very easier by showing those videos only which can be downloaded.

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How the Youtube Go Apk App Download works:

When you hit on video, a pop-up window opens showing a preview of that video, followed by the option to download the video in Normal Quality & Standard Quality. Basic quality is a lower resolution video with smaller file size whereas the Standard Quality shows the video in it’s original uploaded resolution. The pop-up also shows the memory available on the mobile device to keep the users conscious about their phone’s storage status. Anyone can add videos to the download list, even if the phone is on offline mode. Downloading of video will resume naturally, once the phone has got the internet access.

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Conclusion: YouTube Go apk App is excellent Video App for users who don’t have full time access to the WiFi network, who has poor data. Built for next generation users to enjoy the power of YouTube safe and securely.

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