Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features – Tips and Tricks for Redmi Users

1. Lock Apps to Load Fast: (Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features)

Basically when you initially Run any Application in your mobile (In Redmi or any other Smartphone), it takes some time to load. But when it loads once in your mobile RAM, it runs faster, next time when you open that app, it will open faster than earlier. The reason behind this is your application data get stores into your RAM memory, so when you switch to this app again, it loads more faster than before. In this article, I’am going to explain about some Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features.

Learn those Redmi Hiddem Features and Experience the Best of your mobile phone.

But, in case if you close that application, like we generally do by holding our recent apps key and cleaning all open applications from our memory.

See an example shown for Redmi 1S there is an option, you can lock certain application in memory. So next time when you clear phone memory, these apps will not get clear from memory.

How to Lock Apps in Memory?

Just touch your recent apps option (Located at left side to Home option), it will show all the open apps. Now slide down the App icon (That whatever the Application you want to Lock) and leave. Now you will see a Lock Symbol above that App icon.








To unlock it, use the same procedure by sliding down that app icon.

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2. Private Messaging: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

In your Redmi phone, there is an option of private messaging i.e hidden from general user. When you open your Message application can see and read all messages. But there is an option of private message also.
Just drag down your message screen. A private message screen will get open. Now tap to Private Messaging Settings, Now you can add your Private Messaging contacts here. You can also set lock to your Private Messages.



Next time when you receive a message from these contacts will directly reached to your private messages screen and will not appear into your general messages screen.

3. Notification Light: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

Set your Notification Light as you want, it is multi-color LED light. To set that, Go to Settings >> Notification Lights . Now set your Notification light as you like.

4. Guest Mode: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

Xiaomi Redmi makes their users even more secure with Guest Mode features, that hide all your personal data. To activate the Guest Mode, go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Privacy Protection and then click Guest Mode.

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5. Reading Mode: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

The new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with “Reading Mode”, that turns the display in a yellow hue for night time to help a user. To activate: Settings> Display> Reading Mode.


6. Baby Album: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

The MIUI 8 introduces Baby Album feature that automatically detect all baby photos in your gallery and assemble them together.


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7. Single Handed Mode: Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features

A 5.5 inch phone is not among the biggest in the market, it’s actually the average size of smartphones coming these days. It may not be difficult to operate a 5.5″ phone but it definitely has its discomforts for someone especially for those with small hands. MiUi 7 and 8 offers an option to enable one hand UI, and it works perfectly. It offers 3 different screen sizes to select from 3.5″, 4″ and 4.5″.




To activate this feature, Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> One-Handed Mode, and once you have enabled this- Swipe your finger from the home button to left (Recent) or right (back) to choose where you want it to appear.

Please comment below if I have missed any Unknown Xiaomi Redmi Hidden Features. I will update them in this article to spread this to all.

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