Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop

Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop for Windows – Whatsapp Web Login PC Mac OS

How to use Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop?

Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop is not one more WhatsApp Account. Why because whatsapp is now accessible both on your phone and your computer at the same time with same account. It is a extension of the WhatsApp account on your mobile device. It can be used right from your computer without a web browser.

When you start using WhatsApp in both of your Computer & mobile phone, you are accessing the same account on that 2 devices at the same time.

Note: Don’t forget to logout from the Computer when you Login in both Mobile and Computer. Why because someone can access your computer and hack your Whatsapp account.

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The Requirements to use the Benefits of Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop:

  • You must have active WhatsApp account on your mobile.
  • Need to have a stable internet connection on both your computer & phone.
  • You shout use the latest version of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari (or) Edge as your web browser on your personal computer (PC).


Simply follow this steps to get Started with Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop:

  1. Click here on your Personal Computer (PC) to get started with Whatsapp Web Login
  2. Now open WhatsApp on your mobile
    • On Android Phone: Go to Chats screen >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web
    • On Windows Phone: go to Menu >> WhatsApp Web
    • On iPhone: Go to Settings >> WhatsApp Web
    • On BlackBerry Phone (BlackBerry 10 only): Go to Chats >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web
    • On BlackBerry Phone: Swipe down from top >> WhatsApp Web
  3. As the final step Scan the QR Code on your computer from your phone.

Now navigate to WhatsApp Web Login from your phone to view your logged in computers (or) to logout from an active WhatsApp session.

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Please comment below if you face any problem with Whatsapp Web Login PC Desktop in your Windows or Mac OS. We are pleased to reply.

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