Whatsapp Users Not Happy

Why Whatsapp Users Not Happy With New Whatsapp Status Update

People asking me why Whatsapp Users Not Happy with New WhatsApp Status Update. But it’s true, most of the users are not Whatsapp Users Not Happy With New Whatsapp Status Update. Read this fully, why they are not liking Whatsapp New Status Update.


After the reports, rumours and leaks, WhatsApp has finally rolled out their much-talked and waited about Status update feature for all. This is really a major update for the whatsapp chat app has rolled out after the addition of video calling facility to their users long back in 2016.

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These are some Reasons Why Whatsapp Users Not Happy With the New Whatsapp Status Update:

1.  WhatsApp is now like Snapchat, Instagram and it’s becoming a social media app.

WhatsApp was once a heaven for those looking for private & face to face conversations and liked to stay away from the Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. They was adored for being a messaging app only but today it looks more (or) less similar to the other photo-sharing and social media apps likes Snapchat (or) Instagram. So, why do we need it then?

2. Love and friendship Sweet Memories, Just for 24 hours: 

The New Whatsapp update does not grant you to update your status as text messages. As well as, it also won’t allow you to keep the status for more than 24 hours. Let me explain in simple words, you have to update your status every morning if you want your friends and family to know about you daily moments. So, everyday morning you have to wake up & usually post a new Status.

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3. WhatsApp’s New status update has no change to use words: 

This is really a major problem with this update. This new WhatsApp Status update let you share videos, photos and Gifs but no texts. You cannot post any text Status updates. If you want to share any moments in your lovely day, you have to say it with photos, videos or GIF’s.

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4. Where’s the contacts list?

This is also a big question for users have on their minds. Do you remember that there used to be a contacts tab just next to the Chat tab in old-looking WhatsApp. The updated WhatsApp will no more shows the contact tab where you can find all your list of contacts. Instead of that, it shows a message logo at the bottom which your takes you to the ‘Select Contact’ page where you can find all your contacts. This is uselessly complicating the simplest thing.

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