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Whatsapp Status Update – New Feature Added With Latest Whatsapp Update 2017

WhatsApp has removed the previous Status update option, which was a part of the profile. That Status used to serve a different purpose. It used to tell your friends about whether you were available (or) not. It was also a path to communicate with all your contacts at once. Now you can’t use that option anymore. In this article, I have explained all about the New Whatsapp Status Update features.

The new Whatsapp Status Update feature requires that you put in some kind of Status Update every 24 hours where as in in the earlier one, the update was always there, until you deleted (or) modified it. And yes, in the New Whatsapp Status update, you can’t put in a text update. It must has to be a Photo, Video or GIF.

Android, iPhone & Windows users can now send videos, photos and GIF’s through Whatsapp Status to share their special moments all over the day with their Friends & Family.

Few days back WhatsApp had declared that they are going add New WhatsApp Status Feature Feature in their next Update, which it can turns the App into a Social media App. It’s no longer is simple a chat Application. This feature was released and now it has in every smart phone. Few days back WhatsApp released their new updated App in the Google Play Store as well the iOS Store to assure that all WhatsApp users can have the Status Feature.

Android, iPhone and Windows users can now send videos, photos and GIF’s through Status to share their special moments all over their day with friends & family.

So, How do you like to use it?

Sharing Photos..?



It’s upto you what you gonna share in your loving special day.

Status Update is too simple to use like other WhatsApp features. It is pretty cool feature, even if its implications may not because it may turn the app into a king of social media like Facebook (or) Twitter, where everyone can simply pushes out their status updates instead of chatting each other.

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Here’s how to New WhatsApp Status Update:

Lots of Questions are reaching me that “How can I change my WhatsApp status in the new updated version of WhatsApp?”

Once you completed with the new Whatsapp update, you can see WhatsApp Status update tab is between the Calls and Chats tab. You can see that in above image.


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Steps to use New WhatsApp Status Update:

–> Hit on the Status Tab.

–> Here you can see all the status your contacts have posted recently.

–> Now Tap on a their status to reply to that person. The replies which have commented are sent directly to regular chats along with snapshot of that Person’s Status.

WhatsApp hopes that Status updates will be a spark for Conversations.

–> To post your own Status Update, click on the Dotted Circle with ‘+’ sign (It’s located on the top right corner of the WhatsApp screen). Or you can simply click on “My Status”. See above image for easily identification.

–> After updating your status with Photo, Video of GIF, it will automatically expires after 24 hours. If you want to delete your Status message manually, tap on the 3 dots in front of your Status. Now Long press the Status & select delete option in the next Window.

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Note: It’s important that you set the Privacy Options very carefully, because for now the options are not all that good yet. Why because, even though the App has added the Status Feature, the updates will still be private.

Whatsapp Status Update

Whatsapp Status Update Feature has 3 Privacy Options, which can be accessed by hitting on 3 dots on the top right cornet in the main Status window.

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The 3 privacy options in New Whatsapp Status Update are:

Share with your contacts: This will allow you to share the Status with your contacts, which means those whose numbers you have saved in your mobile.

Share with contacts but Exclude: This feature allows you to ignore certain people from getting your Status Updates. You can be able to tell WhatsApp about the contacts that who should not receive your Status updates by using this feature.

Share with only Few: By choosing this option, you can exclude everyone in your contact list from seeing your Status update except the ones who you added specifically. For example, you only want your boyfriend or girlfriend to see your naughty Status updates. You can use this option. Or you want only your friends or family members to get your Status update. Again, you can use this feature. It was the better option than earlier it seems.

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