Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys – With GIF’s – Need For Everyday Use

These Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys will speed you on your path to becoming the Expert in doing Chrome work in very short time. Complete your work by 47% faster than before by simply following these Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys.

Command key is used for Mac OS & Ctrl key is used for Windows users as shown in the below image. Hope you like these Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys.

Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

The Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys are explained with GIF examples below:

1. Undo Recently Closed Tabs:

With this shortcut, you can bring back the recently closed tabs. You probably use Command-T to open new tabs, but did you know that Command-Shift-T opens your most recently closed tab? Chrome remembers the last 10 you closed.


2. Jump to Specific Tab:

If you open so many tabs in your Chrome browser and confusing to go to the required tab, so this shortcut is for you. To jump among your open tabs, press Command (For Mac users) or press Control (For Windows users) & any number key between 1 and 9. For example, Control or Command-1, takes you to the first (Left most) tab. Likewise, Control or Command-6 jumps you to the sixth tab from the left. So, this Chrome Shortcut key is only useful if you open the tabs in single digits (1-9).

3. Drag the Tab to Separate it as Individual window

This isn’t a keyboard shortcut but unknown feature of Google Chrome. Chrome is too flexible when it coming to moving your tabs all around. You can click & drag a tab to move it to another place along with your row of open tabs in the present window. Also, drag a tab out of the current window as shown in below GIF & start a new window.

4. Ctrl+W to close current Tab:

This shortcut will saves you from click the little X to close a tab. Instead of that, use Ctrl+W  (or) Command+W to close your current tab. Similarly, instead of clicking the X to close a current Chrome window, use Ctrl+Shift+W (or) Command+Shift+W.

5. Zoom back to 100%:

Sometimes If you accidentally zoom in on a Chrome web page, which is why I love this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+0 (or) Command+0 (as in zero) return to the normal zoom level in Chrome.

6. Open a Hyperlinked Text in a New Tab:

In order to open a Link in a new tab, press Ctrl (or) Command when you click on the link to stay on your current page while opening that link in a new tab in the same window.

7. Start Private Browsing:

If you wanted to browse the internet in your office or college privately, then this shortcut is most useful. Ctrl+Shift+N (or) Command+Shift+N to open a new Incognito window for private browsing.

8. Page up & down with Tab Key

When you are viewing a Google Chrome page, click on the space bar to page down on a page & Shift-space bar to page up.

9. Stop & Reload the Current Chrome page

You can stop a current page from loading by clicking the Escape key. To reload it again, click on Ctrl (or) Command+R.

10. Control of Browser URL bar:

Instead of clicking into the URL bar every time, you can hit Command-L to move your cursor to URL bar and highlight all text in it. For windows, you can hit on Alt+D for the same.

11. Alt+space+N for minimize current Window

Hit Alt+space+N to minimize your current window. There is no equivalent to this minimize Chrome shortcut.

12. Alt+space+C to Close current window

Hit Alt+space+C to Close your current window.

13. See Downloaded Files in Separate Tab: 

Use Ctrl+J for windows (or) Command+Shift+J for Mac to view the files you have downloaded with Chrome in a separate new tab.

Please comment below if I have missed any Unknown Google Chrome Shortcut Keys. I will update them in this article to spread this to all.

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