Pen drive

Transfer Documents On The Go With Touch Screen Pen Drive (Flash Drive)

Touchscreen Pen drive:

This USB stick (Pen drive) takes out the requirement for utilizing a computer as a medium to exchange data starting with one stick then onto the next.

It is outfitted with a show that is ideally a touchscreen, and has a space toward one side to attach another stick. Document exchanges guarantee to be simple, and I can envision myself utilizing this pen drive at live blogging occasions.


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These Pen Drive has a Writing Speed of 60 MB/s and a Reading Speed of 120 MB/s

It has the Micro USB port. Android users are always tempted by flash drives that have both a normal USB port as well as in addition with micro USB port, So “Anyone can transfer the Data from my PC to my Android Mobile so easily!” It’s really Well, kind of. Everything you have to check is your Android Mobile Support USB OTG (On-The-Go).


And these Pen Drives are composed particularly for clients who need to protect information on their individual at all times. These drives offer Protection from physical harm, similar to when you put it in your jeans and forget it into the wash. Secure Pen Drives offer Protection from people who need to hack or take your information.

These Pen Drives will be Launched by Next year in Indian Market.

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