Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Device-These 3 Methods Teach You

Technology can be volatile, to be say frankly, 1 of the most irritating aspects of changing mobile phones is ensuring all your contacts are transferred to your new mobile device. In the earlier days, this meant manually typing in countless names & their phone numbers. But today, your smartphones can do most of the work for you that Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android new smartphone itself.

In this “Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android” guide, I will show you how to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (or) vice versa, so you can move between platforms hassle free.

If you have activated iCloud on your iPhone, backing up of your contacts is incredibly easy.

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1st Method: Transfer Contacts Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android with .VCF

Sign into iCloud on your PC/Laptop as you would normally & click Contacts. Once you get to the next screen, select All Contacts” at the top-left corner of your screen and hit “Command+A” or “CTRL+A” to select all the contacts. Now, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the page & click Export  vCard. Once the window opens, select all your contacts again with Command+A & Right click on any contact. Select Export vCard, name the vCard, and choose desired file saving location.

All your contacts will download as a single VCF file that you can either email to yourself, (or) you can directly import to Google. Once you activate your new device (of any type) set up your E-mail and import the vCard from your E-mail to upload all your contacts. I recommend saving the E-mail containing the vCard, as it serves as a cloud-based backup for all your contacts. It’s also a better idea to save them to your computer desktop, simply in case your phone meets with an accident.

First, you need a Google account, which will make it simple to transfer contacts between platforms. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, quickly Sign-up for one with Google — however you need one Google account for your Android smartphone anyway. Before you touch your new Android mobile, Login to Google Contacts in your web browser. At bottom left cornet you can see an Import contacts, option. Simply click on it, then Choose fileand navigate to the vCard which you have saved from iCloud earlier.

If you see duplicate contacts in your contacts list, you need to spend some time for deleting or modifying them. If you want to give a try, go to the More button with the downward arrow, at the upper left corner of the window while seeing your contacts page. The drop-down menu will show you the option to “Find & merge duplicates”. This option will tells Google to search for duplicates contacts automatically.

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2nd Method: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using iTunes

If your contacts stored locally or you’re using an account other than the Gmail, then you can also transfer all your contacts through iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer.

Connect your iPhone to your PC/Laptop. Open iTunes and go to the device screen by clicking on iPhone in the upper right corner of the screen. Open the Info tab & check the box next to “Sync Contacts with” & Choose “Google Contacts” from drop down menu, now enter your Google account information when asked.

Once the iPhone is finished syncing the contacts, log in to your Android phone with Google account, all your contacts should be there. That’s it.

3rd Method: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using third Party Applications:

For some reason the above mentioned methods may not work for you, then by using a third party app, you may do the trick. Here are the two best apps we’ve found from the Google Play Store

1.) PhoneSwappr:

With PhoneSwappr, you can send all your contacts to the cloud and easily retrieve them with another mobile device. To begin, you need to download ‘PhoneSwappr’ app to both of your Android and iOS devices. Open it in your iPhone, and click on the “Send Contacts to Cloud” tab. It might take few minutes to synchronize. Once it’s complete, you’ll be shown a 6 digit code. Make sure to write down this code on a paper so that you’ll never lose it!

Now, open the app on your Android phone, and click on the “Get Contacts from Cloud” button. Enter the 6 digit confirmation code and wait for all of your contacts to sync with your android device. This step might take few minutes.

If everything went perfect, all your contacts should be added to your Contacts app automatically!

2.) My Contacts Backup App to Transfer Contacts:

“My Contacts Backup” app is a probably the most popular app for transferring the contacts, but it needs some few steps than the 1st App. Download “My Contacts Backup” from the Apple App store. Once it downloaded, open the Application, and click the Backup button. Once the backup is completed, press on the send button, and enter your E-mail address.

The Application will send a .vcf file to your E-mail address which you have entered. Once the E-mail has been sent, open that E-mail from your Android Device & click on the file. Once you get the confirmation that all your contacts have been added, check with your Contacts app to make sure everything get transferred correctly even without missing a single contact.

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