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How to Speedup Google Chrome By 70% Faster Than Before – Speed Boosting Tips 2017

Google Chrome is 1 of the top and best web browser in the world. It is a great product from the Google. Sometimes, when you use Google Chrome, it may slow downs because of some mistakes we do while we browse. In this article I have explained some unknown tips to SpeedUp Google Chrome By 70% Faster Than Before.

You can make Google Chrome work 70% faster than before by following these simple tips.

Tip 1: Update Chrome: Speedup Google Chrome

Google Chrome works faster than all browsers when you’re on the latest version. So, Update Your Google Chrome to experience the speed with Google Chrome.

Tip 2: Disable Avoidable Extensions: Speedup Google Chrome

Actually extensions are the tools that can extend the functionality of the Chrome browser and increases user experience These Extensions runs in the background. It will also load their own data pack from the Internet sometimes, it makes your Google chrome browser slow.

To get better browsing experience with good speed and response times, disable and/or delete extensions which you don’t use frequently.

Follow this simple tips to disable Extensions which you do not need:

  1. Type “chrome://extensions” in your Chrome’s URL bar. alternately, At the top right corner, click More More and then More Tools and then Extensions.

Speed Up Google Chrome

2. Deselect the Enabled to the extensions you want to disable as shown in the below image, or to delete the extension permanently, click the Trash icon Remove.

Speed Up Google Chrome

Tip 3: Close any unused tabs: Speedup Google Chrome

The more tabs you have open in the Chrome browser, the harder Google Chrome has to work because of the load on the Chrome. So, Closing unneeded tabs can frees up the backing for your computer.

To close a tab:

Tip 4: Make sure the Page Prefetch is on: Speedup Google Chrome

To make Google Chrome open webpages faster, turn on network action predictions (prefetch). When it is on, Google Chrome pre-loads the links you might open.

  1. Open Chrome on your Computer.
  2. At the top top right corner, click on More and then Settings
  3. At bottom of the page, click Show Advanced Settings
  4. Under the the “Privacy” section, select the box next to Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.

Tip 5: Disable Unnecessary Plugins: Speedup Google Chrome

Plugins are like extensions which I have explained above. Google Chrome comes with some built-in plugins provided by Google, also by other software’s installed in your computer. Plugins can also slow down the browser & clog memory and network resources.

To disable Plugins:

  1. Type chrome://plugins in your Chrome Browser’s URL address bar.
  2. Click Disable to disable the plugin you don’t want to use anymore. See below image for easy understanding.

Speed Up Google Chrome

Tip 6: Enable Experimental Features: Speedup Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser has a specific allotted page of Experimental Features. You can SpeedUp Google Chrome enabling the Experimental Features. So, simply type chrome://flags in URL address bar and enable the following features.

Press Ctrl+F & find the below explained text to find that easily on the long page.

a. Faster Image Loading: Speedup Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + F & type “num-raster-threads“, you can see “Number of raster threads”. Change the value to 4 from default.

Speed Up Google Chrome

b. Faster Close Windows/Tabs: Speedup Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + F & type for “enable-fast-unload“. Click on Enable, it will make closing/opening of tabs faster.


c. Smooth Scrolling: Speedup Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + F & type for “smooth-scrolling“. Click on Enable, it will do what it says.

d. GPU Acceleration: Speedup Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + F & type for “ignore-gpu-blacklist“. Click on Enable, it will ignore those GPU’s which has the less performance & video RAM and it lets chrome to use the available V-RAM.

e. Tab Discarding: Speedup Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + F & type for “tab discarding“. Press Enable. This option can speed up the Google Chrome by allowing the tabs in background to be neglecting from memory when it’s getting too low.

After completing all the above steps, then click the “RELAUNCH NOW” button at the bottom of computer screen to apply the settings.

Tip 8:  Clear browsing data Regularly

  • Click Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+H. You can see History window.
  • Clear browsing data at top left corner of the window.
  • Select “the beginning of time”
  • Click on Clear browsing Data.
Please comment below if I have missed any Speedup Google Chrome tips. I will update them in this article to spread this to all.

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