Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

Speed Up Android Mobile Phone – 6 Simple Steps Will Boost Your Android Mobile Phone

After using your Android Mobile for 1 to 2 years, that may get slow down it’s overall performance. You can avoid such kind of problems by following some tips that are explained in this Article and Speed Up Android Mobile Phone.

1. Uninstall Un-Used & Old Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

To Uninstall the App in your Android Mobile, Go to Settings > Manage Applications > Apps (Installed Apps) and find the App that you want to Remove. Below image illustrates how to uninstall a App from an Android Smartphone.


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2. Clear Cache Data in Your Android to Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

To Clear the Cache, Go to Settings > Storage > Cache Data. Now click on Cache Data to clear all cache from your Smartphone.


3. Transfer Your Data to Your Computer to Free up some Storage: Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

Transfer Your Personal Data like Photos, Projects, Files etc from Your Android Mobile to Your Computer or Laptop. So that some free Memory will allocates in your Mobile that speeds up your phone.


4. Make sure Your Android Version is up to Date: Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

Check your Phone OS that is up to date or not. If it is not up to date, Install the latest updates. Because in the Latest Updates some problems will fix. So your mobile performance will be better than before. Check for Updates Regularly at least once a month.


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5. Turn off Auto sync: Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

Most of us are adding different types of accounts (Gmail, fb, yahoo etc)  to our android mobile and will allow them to automatically sync. Sometimes Auto sync is good for backup the data into our account, but continuously keep Auto Sync on is not good for phone performance. So, turn off Auto sync when not required.


6. Factory Reset Your Android Phone: Speed Up Android Mobile Phone

If your phone is not good even after following all the above steps, then the last method you can perform is Factory Reset your Mobile. For that, Go to Settings > Back and Reset > Factory Data Reset. Click on Reset Device to clean up your phone.


Note: All your will get Erased with Factory Data Reset method.

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