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Have Pleasant Sleep For a Healthy Life. Track Your Sleep with Smart Sleep Apps

1. “Sleep as Android” Sleep App
It is very true that alarm clock is really irritating at the morning. As a result, we usually wake up with an unpleasant feeling. So, we have a solution for you. That is “Sleeping as Android App”. This is one of the best Sleeping App that comes with so many Artificial Intelligent Features.
As per the Developers, this Sleep App is capable of Tracking your Behavior by using your phone’s sensor.


2. “Rain Sounds – Sleep and Relax” App
It is said that regular sounds like rain sounds is useful for your rest. So, we propose you to try Rain Sounds – Sleep and Relax Application. There is a lot of rain sounds in the application. Likewise, there are additionally some background sounds that makes you feel more and more Pleasant.


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3. “Sleep Better with Runtastic” App

“Sleep Better with Runtastic” Sleep App is a product of famous company called Runtastic. This App aims to increase the Quality of your sleep. This App can note down your dream everyday and then analyze the good and the bad Dreams during sleep.


4. “Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep” App
“Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep” App lets you select from a so many variety of Natural Sounds, ranging from city sounds to waves on the Beach. Listen for as little or as Long as you want by setting the start (or) stop timer. Also you can set this sounds as Alarm or Ringtone for your mobiles.


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5. “Night Screen” or “Night Mode”App’s

Night Screen sleep app  is a one more amazing sleeping App for you. This App will Reduce the blue Light which is bad light for our Eyes. The Blue light keeps your eye strain, therefore, you cannot fall asleep easily. This App will lower the brightness level of your screen and left your sleeping area in dark.


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6. “Relax Melodies” App
Relax Melodies Provides 32 musical and white musical sounds with beautiful images to match with.
The latest version of this App provides an Adjustable sound volume and an interface which is improved that allows you to check everything at one place.



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