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Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp 2017 – Best Tricks and Tips to Share GIF

Earlier, everyone used to send GIF’s on Facebook & few other social media. Now you can send GIF’s on WhatsApp chat from Facebook directly without downloading. However, you can share GIF by downloading them too. In this article, I have explained about “How to Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp” with 2 simple working examples.


It is possible to send and Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp. You can share any kind of GIF’s from Facebook to WhatsApp with your friend in just a single click. I have shared 2 methods below. You can choose the best method that suits you to Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp.

We have to do it manually for now. Facebook is planning to include this feature in Future.

Basically there are 2 working Methods to share a GIF from Facebook to Whatsapp (or) any App.

1st Method to Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp with “FbToAll” App

There are several methods available to do this. A direct share from Facebook to Whatsapp is available with the app called FbToAll. I tried the android version of “FbToAll” app (I’am not Not sure iOS version is available).

The convenience of “FbToAll” App is you can go through the Real Facebook wall page & you can see a option to ‘SHARE VIDEO’ (or) ‘SHARE PIC’ button below every Video & Photos in the posts. When you click on this button, the share option will be opened directly & the Video (or) Photo can be posted to WhatsApp, Twitter (or) Other Social Media sites directly etc.

Below the steps on How to use FbToAll App:

  • Install “FbToAll” from and open the app
  • Now open “FbToAll” App & browse through Facebook.
  • If you wanted to share any private, personal videos (or) photos you need to login with your Facebook account.
  • Below all Videos and Photos in the facebook posts the button ‘SHARE PIC’ (or) ‘SHARE VIDEO’ will be displayed.
  • Click on it. The option to share to WhatsApp, Twitter (or) any Email etc will be displayed.
  • Here, select WhatsApp. That’s All…! See below screenshot to know how it works.
Share -Facebook-GIF

2nd Method to Share Facebook GIF Into Whatsapp:

  • Copy the post link & paste it in UC Browser
  • UC Browser will give you a option to download
  • Save it
  • Open WhatsApp. Click Send GIF and choose the right one and done

Hope you are happy with my answer.

As I have said above “Facebook is planning to include this feature in Future”.

Please comment below if I have missed any method to “Share Facebook GIF To Whatsapp”. I will add that methods to this post to help others to know.

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