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Secret Hike Messenger Tips and Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

The Hike Messenger is definitely one of the top and best Messenger app ever made for any mobile. But the main attraction of Hike Messenger is you can use this Offline without working internet connection (Not all features will active like Video calling).  Approximately it is estimated that 110 million active users are there for Hike Messenger.

Launch date of Hike Messenger – 12th December 2012.

1. Hidden Mode:

You can chat secretly with your  loved ones by hiding your chat, or if sometimes you need to hide some personal information that only visible for you bot not others anyway. In such situations this Hidden mode will be most useful.


To get started with the Hidden Mode of Hike Messenger

  • Tap on the Hike (hi) icon at the top of the chats window.
  • Enter the Password Key.
  • Confirm the password created in the last step by Re-entering it.
  • To hide a chat, long tap (Tap and Hold) on the specific chat and select Hide Chat.

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2. Text Messages:

Hike Messenger detects the other person is Offline, so then the Hike Messenger sends a Text (SMSMessage instead of Regular Hike Message to make that the conversation can not interrupted. The text message is directly sent to the mobile number registered to the person’s hike messenger.

3. Use Hike Messenger without Internet:

Yes it’s true you can use this messenger app without Internet, you can use this feature by Hike Direct. To enable hike direct, you need to start a conversation with your friend and choose Hike Direct from the menu on top right of the Messenger Screen. Then it automatically pairs up with the other phone and lets you chat and share your files with your friends without the Internet.

4. Stickers:

Send the Exciting Stickers using Hike Messenger to your Social Apps like Whatsapp,  Line, Wechat, Facebook Messenger and Telegram friends. Here is the process, lets start using Sticky, you just need to Enable Stickey in Hike settings, that’s it. Now Open the Messenger app (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.), a floating Hike icon appears at top of the screen. Now tap on that ‘Stickey’ icon to start sharing Stickers. That’s it. Enjoy.

You can create stickers in local Language (Supports most of the Indian Languages too). Also you can create custom stickers as you want.

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5. Make Video Call:

Please update Hike Messenger from Google Play store if you haven’t updated it since September 2016. Select the chat thread of a friend you want to connect with. Tap on the call button on the top right that prompts you to further select Voice or Video and start off your call.


Hike Messenger introduces “Stories, Live Filters and in-app Camera” like Snapchat:

Recently Hike Messenger updated its App in Android and iPhone and introduced new features like Live Filters, Built-in-camera and Stories etc to their users as it growing as instant messaging app. The app gets Stories, new in app camera and Live Filters in this recent update.

This Messenger will now let you take photos, add Emojis and Doodles on them, Similar to Snapchat. If you posts a Story, then you can see how many of your friends are ‘Viewed’ that particular Story. Hike now gets its own in-app camera button that makes taking a photo even easier.

Coming to the Live filters, there are 12 Live Filters available. Let’s see them, Black and White Sunglasses, a Turban and a Moustache and many more. The app also has a filter that changes your face to the actor Ranveer Singh and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji. Hike Messenger planning to update these filters Every week.

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