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Secret and Hidden WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – You Must Know

1. Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture with Simple WhatsApp Tips:

Hey, it’s a cool and funny feature from WhatsApp. Now you can change your friend’s profile pic into your WhatsApp by using this latest and an super funny WhatsApp tips to prank your friends. Follow the below mentioned few steps to do it now.
Choose a profile pic for your friend. Search for cute looking donkeys and monkeys or any other weird looking people using Google Image Search.

  • Resize the downloaded image to 561×561 pixels using Photoshop or Paint and name it with your friend phone number.
  • Save the image to SD card > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures. Overwrite the existing file (if required).
  • Disable Mobile Data Network and WiFi . If you don’t WhatsApp will update the picture automatically.

Now, you show your friends the pic in your profile WhatsApp instant panic invite her face.
Note: This is not hacking, it’s simply a WhatsApp Tips and tricks to change your friend profile pic only on your mobile. This is meant for fun only.

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2. Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number:

In this Whatsapp Tips, I’am going to explain using WhatsApp without mobile number that means not with your own mobile number. So this trick can help you to do it easily and you can activate WhatsApp with a phone number which is not your own i.e., fake. Simply follow the below steps and enjoy.

  • If you already using WhatsApp, then uninstall it from your mobile completely. Download and install whatsapp again.
  • Now, Lock your message service by changing into the flight mode.
  • Open WhatsApp and add your phone number to it. So, it will not be able to send any message to the server, it will ask you to select any other alternative method to verify the number.
  • Select the “verify through message” option & fill up your email address and then Click on ‘Send’ without waiting to click on ‘Cancel’. This cancel the authorization process.
  • Now, you required to forge messages. Install the message Fake-A-Message for iPhone and Spoof Text Message for Andriod .
  • Spoofing: Go to Outbox >> Copy message details to Spoofer App >> Send it for spoofed verification.
  • You can use the following details.
    To:  +447900347295
    From:  + [Country code] [mobile number]
    Message: Your E-mail Address
  • A verification message will be sent through that spoofed number. Now you can use this number to connect with your friends.

3. Edit, Zoom & Pop-out in Videos:

The latest WhatsApp update completely changes what you can do with a video shared. Any video you have download now has the same “pinch to zoom” that you can find in photos. It’s a bit difficult to pan and scan once you are zoom in, but you will get the hang of it soon.

Additionally, 1 new option lets you open any kind of video in a pop-up floating window, simply like playing YouTube videos in background. In this way, you can pop-up that video out and let it continue playing, while you can browse other WhatsApp messages.

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4. Send PDFs and Share from Cloud:

Internet has some fantastic sites for free ebooks. However, most of them are in PDF format itself.

Until now, if you found anything important or funny of a PDF, you couldn’t share it with your friends earlier on WhatsApp.


Well, all that changes in the latest WhatsApp update, finally now you can send PDFs to others, along with the other popular document formats too.

5. Clear Chat but Keep Starred Messages:

While speaking about the Starred Messages, their use can not be denied. However, those who liked to clear their chats—especially when your Android is running with low storage, also used to lose these Starred messages in doing so.


New update lets you choose to retain these Starred messages now while clearing the chat, so the important stuff stays. Nice and easy!

6. Convert Videos into GIF’s & Share:

Tap on attachment icon in conversation, record any video, then click OK. When the video page pops up, click on camcorder icon on the upper right corner and it will convert to a GIF icon. You can send up to six second long video as a GIF.


7. WhatsApp adds Rich Text Formatting, Reply from Notification Shade and More:

WhatsApp has introduced several features from the beta version to the final version of WhatsApp and also added some previously unseen features, too.

All users can now use and view bold, strikethrough and italic text. You can use them with the following special characters: ~strikethrough~, *bold* and_italics_. 

You can also reply to messages quickly from a notification window, tap quick camera button in a chat window to browse your camera roll and set block colors as chat background.

Also, there’s the option to archive, delete (or) mute multiple chats at one time. A long press on a chat will select it, then you can hit on other chats to select multiple users. The controls for deleting , archiving and muting are similar.

Your WhatsApp will be sitting on version 2.16.57 if you’re fully up to date, but sometimes, updates take some time to fully roll out , so stay patient.

8. Create A Fake / Chat Conversation:

This trick is spreading viral these days and so many people are creating funny, fake conversations and posting their screenshots on social media like Google Plus and Facebook. You can easily create fake conversations by using an app like WhatSaid-Whatsapp Prank and play pranks on your friends.

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Download WhatSaid App Here

You can able to create fake conversations with anyone of your friends by adding your photos. Name it and create your own posts (On both the sides).

Note: But don’t use it to spoil someone’s life, please.

9. WhatsApp gets persistent notification for web clients:

WhatsApp 2.16.90 beta has one feature that basically stands out: a persistent notification that seems once the web user is active. whereas the move is smart from a privacy and security perspective (in case you forget you’ve got left the web client open or somebody opens it whereas you are faraway from your computer), the notification seems at the top of the screen as if you have got a message, and there is no chance to disable it while not disabling all notifications from WhatsApp.


By pressing on the notification, you’re given the choice to close from all active net sessions.

Hope you are enjoying the Whatsapp Tips and they might be helpful in using in an efficient way. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box if you face any problem.

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