New Secret BlackBerry Tips – This Hidden Features You Probably Don’t Know

1. View your PRIV or DTEK50 Keyboard Statistics:

Firstly Update your OS if you haven’t checked for updates in Play store, BlackBerry Released a “BlackBerry Keyboard” update in September, that adds a pretty interesting menu Statistics to your Phone.

In this New Menu, you can see your typing statistics such as characters entered, number of emoji’s or symbols used, learned words and more. If you using PRIV, you can check how often you are using Virtual Keyboard (or) the Physical Keyboard.

To activate BlackBerry Keyboard Statistics follow below steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Language & input
  3. Tap BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
  4. Then Tap Statistics

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2. Tap your Screen Twice To Wake:

Instead of pressing the power key to wake it up, you can double tap on the display.If you not enabled this already, turn this on by trying it out using the steps below; I am sure you will definitely love this feature!


  • Go to Settings > Display > Turn on Tap to wake
  • Go to Settings > Advanced Interactions > Turn on the Double Tap screen

3. Flip your Mobile To Mute:

If someone calls and you don’t have time to talk with them, then you can flip your phone face down to Mute it. This will stop playing the ring tone of your mobile, or vibrate.

It’s amazing, Right?


To try out this feature on your BlackBerry DTEK (or) PRIV

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Interactions and turn on Flip to mute.

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4. Hold To “Stay Awake” (For PRIV Only):

If you think that reading of lengthy Articles, consider turning on the Hold to stay awake feature in your settings. So then your screen will stay awake and keep your display turned on until you complete reading your article.


  • Go to Settings > Advanced Interactions > Turn on Hold to Stay Awake

5. How to Switch between Recently Apps and Games with PRIV:

Switching between Apps and Games using PRIV gets easier. Only you need to do is click on the Recents key on your screen Navigation bar and you see the recent apps screen.

In this screen you can click on a specific App (or) Game to switch to it, then close a specific App or Game by Swiping Right (or) Left on it, (or) close your recently accessed games (or) Apps.


To get familiar with that how to use the Recents view for switch between Apps and Games, as well as how to change the appearance of the Recents view, here’s a quick overview of everything you’ll want know.

Simply follow this steps to change your Recents view:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers
  2. Tap priv_settings followed by the Display
  3. Tap on Recents
  4. Then Select Rolodex, Tiles, (or) Masonry

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