IPhone 7 Tips

iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks, Unknown Features and Shortcuts

You’re happy with your Beautiful Advanced New iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, isn’t it?  Of course you are! It’s the latest and new technology mobile, and definitely greatest iPhone that Apple has made yet. Anyway, the beautifully sleek phone is in your hand, so what’s next. Beyond all the known features like Touch ID, New advanced camera and yes, plugging in headphones using the Lightning port, there are lots of more iPhone 7 tips and tricks that the everyday iPhone user may not know. So I know you wanted to become an iPhone 7 master, they are essential knowledge, and we have got some best iPhone 7 tips and Hidden Features you need to know right here.

After completing the reading of this whole article you will definitely Unlock all the hidden Features and iPhone 7 tips in New Apple’s iOS 10.

Lets start finding the iPhone 7 Tips and Unknown features of the New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s. Welcome to the Apple’s mobiles latest OS: iOS 10! With this new upgrade comes an improved mobile platform packed with lots and lots of new features, improvements in functionality.


1. Send Texts Without Unlocking Your Phone with this iPhone 7 Tips:

Emergency Replies need never wait again. Sometimes you have to reply without unlocking your mobile phone. Of course. Saving your precious seconds, the iPhone 7’s updated lock-screen widgets mean replies can be tapped out without need for a mobile lock screen password.


Well, you can do it by firmly pressing a received message on the lock screen will show a little reply window that lets you get your response in seconds. You can reply without unlocking your phone, you’ll need a pass-code in order to view your entire message history.

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2. Wake up Your Mobile Phone by Simply Lifting It:

This is an easy one. Instead of tapping buttons or getting fingerprint friendly with Touch ID to unlock your mobile, now you can wake your phone simply by lifting it up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been in your pocket or sat on the table, lift it a little bit and its screen wakes up. It’s so simple.


To activate this feature Go to Settings > Display > Brightness. Turn on the Raise to Wake. Now, lift up the iPhone 7 and the screen will wake up. This new feature allows you to check the notifications and unlock your iPhone 7 easily and quickly.

3. Go Directly Into Selfie Mode Directly:

Thank for 3D Touch which is provided in latest iphone 7 and iphone 7s, you finally serve a purpose. Your phone’s 3D panel will now make it even easier to snap a selfie and fill your Instagram with even more fantastic shots.


You can do it from within any usual app too. To make simply swipe up the Control Panel and give a firm press on the Camera app icon. One of the pop-up options here will be “Take Selfie”. Give this a tap to catch your beauty into new iphone 7  – it’s, lovely, isn’t?

4. Charge Your Iphone 7 And Listen To Music At The Same Time:

I think every one who using the latest iphone 7 is struggling with the lack of headphone port, right?


You don’t need to compromise on one (or) the another though. There’s already a number of adapters out there that it let you add a second Lightning connector or a traditional 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, this will cost you a bit of extra cash, but it will give you pleasant experience of using the latest iphone 7 by charging the mobile and listen to music evenly.

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5. Erase a message Quickly and Fast:

If you have started to type a normal text message, but you change your mind and decided to say something different, do not bother pressing the backspace key. Instead of that, just give your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus a firm shake and you will be asked if you want to delete the entire thing. It’s really amazing feature for who felts some lazy. And also it’s easy, right?


6. Set up Restrictions for Apps and Make the iPhone Kid-Friendly:

In iPhone 7’s settings menu, go to the Restrictions Section. In this Protected menu, you can also enable Restrictions, which allows you to disable the key apps and features such as Siri, AirDrop etc., You can also restrict the installation, deletion of Apps, App Store purchases and more It will restrict your young one to be handling your iPhone without supervision.


If you’re giving the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to a kid to use full-time, you can also set which content is allowed to see them or work. For instance, you can prevent movies to a certain rating from being downloaded or watched online, and even restrict what kind of websites your child can browse.

7. Widgets World for New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s

On the latest release of apple iOS 10 lock screen, the one can access a huge list of widgets by swiping right. To add new widgets, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap Edit, simple.


7. How To Restart iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s:

The latest iPhone 7 has no a physical Home button.

To restart the phone, you need to hold down both the power and volume buttons until the phone restarts and the Apple logo shows up.

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