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Make Money From Internet – 6 Ways to Earn Money Online

Who doesn’t want to Make Money From Internet? Whether it’s through part-time jobs (or) freelance work, adding more money to your cash flow every month is always Beautiful. But unfortunately, many people has no time to pick up another earning methods (or) do additional work on the side. If that’s the case for you, don’t give up. Instead, turn to the 1 thing you probably spend a majority of your time on the internet.

But don’t you worry; there are several ways in which you can use your skills & creativity to get earnings from internet. Today, I am going to tell you about a few of such methods. Are you ready for an exciting ride?! Here we go.


1. Earn Money By Selling Creative Works Online: Make Money From Internet

Many websites like ArtFire & Etsy allow you to sell whatever creative you can make. Take a look at these websites & you’ll be astonished at the variety of stuff people make & sell it through Internet. Even the larger web stores like eBay allow you to earn money from your creative talent.


You can make interesting stuff with junk, knit wooly patterns, create funky Jewellery, make toys – Believe me, if you try these methods, you can really work at home & then convert it into a business with the help of the network of networks, the amazing Internet. Earning from internet is not entirely a myth after all.

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2. Earn Money Online by Blogging: Make Money From Internet

Obviously, this was going to be the first on my list (I am also a professional blogger after all!). Professional blogging is 1 of the best known simple method of earning side income from computer based jobs. We all arrive at blogs while surfing & we see advertisements on many blogs. So, we can easily understand that the owner of that blog is earning some reasonable money from their own blogs by writing good content.

There are a number of good & free blogging sites where you can easily setup your blog. After setup, you should write about the topics that you really passionate & interest about. Once your blog is adequately settled (let’s take an example, when it begins to receive 100 visitors per day), then you should put online ads on it. You can use Google AdSense for getting ads to your website (or) you can use ad service provided by other networks like Yahoo! also provides its own ads.

To start making money by creating a blog, I would recommend that you invest in the following tools.

  • DreamHost hosting
  • Genesis framework
  • ShareASale
  • Grammarly (No.1 Writing Tool)

I forgot to tell you, did you know that Google makes 95% of its revenue from advertisement? Bloggers get share from this revenue if they publish Google ads on their own blogs. I started writing articles about how to become a successful Blogger. You must keep an eye on these articles.

Skills required for professional blogging: Able to write in an interesting way, Good command on language & other technical stuff like SEO. Trust me , you no need to know any coding skills to maintain a blog.

How much money can earn from blogging?

With a blog of 1000 visitors per day, can earn from $0.5 to $30 per day. Blogging can fetch you varied amounts of money depending upon the website traffic you receive & the monetization strategy you adopt & the type of niche. Many people argue that using affiliate marketing model is far better than using Google AdSense. I won’t agree with this but certainly what works for 1 blog may not work for another.

Bloggers in US, UK & Canada make millions of dollars from their own blogs. They are more entrepreneurial – many bloggers have turned their blogs into media companies. For example, Huffington post, was only a blog & now it is No. 1 of the most influential news aggregator in the world. Story of Mashable is also same.

In India, well established bloggers, like Amit Agarwal, make lacks of rupees every month. They are full time bloggers. Those who do part-time blogging, their earnings also depend on how much time they dedicate to their blogs.

How much money can earn from AdSense? Make Money From Internet

Many successful bloggers & webmasters earn $100 to $500 per day with Google AdSense. Some bloggers in United States earns several thousand dollars every day from Google AdSense. Earning from AdSense heavily depends on the CPC rate you get from Google. In countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Cost Per Click (CPC) rate is very high – that’s why bloggers make so much more money in these countries. So, go on & become a professional Blogger..!

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3. Earn Money Online by Designing Themes: Make Money From Internet

Design themes for platforms like Blogger & WordPress.

All websites & blogs require a “theme” (also called template (or) skin) which dictates how the site looks like.

You can also become a theme inventor if you have good knowledge of design & other required skills. Once a theme is done, you can sell it on theme stores (or) you can setup your own website through which people can purchase your themes. Designing themes for platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. It is a money-making business. You can earn some decent income from this profession.

Skills required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web design sense, Photoshop, knowledge of the target platform.

How much money can you earn from designing themes?

Usually, 1 copy of a theme sells anywhere between $10 to $100. So, even if you sell just 1 hundred copies, you may make thousands of dollars. You can charge even more depending on the efforts you had to put in if you design a customized theme for a specific client.

4. Become Tutor For Earning Money Online: Make Money From Internet

This way is specially belongs to experienced persons. If you have a deep knowledge of any subject & if you have good experience about teaching, then this is the best platform of showing your skills & talent. There are many professional online websites available for giving wings to your teaching talent. These are some verified online teaching websites.

Earn Money Easily By 2tion

You can go on these websites & can become a tutor. There are some various steps which you have to follow:

  1. First You have to complete the sign up process. You can also sign up on both websites. This is a matter of your choice.
  2. You have to prepare your tutor profile now. Here you have to submit the information about your great knowledge about the subject (or) subject which you wanted to teach.
  3. You have to give the classification about class (or) class which you want to teach.
  4. Also you have to give your experience profile about teaching, timings for the Online tuition & Revenue of your hard-working.

After verification, your profile gets to set up. That website lists your profile to their portal, so that the students can contact you for tuition. After that you can also select virtual space. You can take help from Live Chat & collaboration White Board.

5. Earn Money Online by Becoming a Translator: Make Money From Internet

Lots of translation jobs are available online for language experts.

If you are proficient in any 2 languages with good communication skills, there are so many translation jobs available on internet & they pay well. You make good money from online work of translation.

“” is maybe the best website as of I know where you can regularly get online translation work. You need to bid for every piece of work & if you win the bid, work is yours to do & the client pays you through the website. You can do translation work on your computer & submit the finished work through “Translatorsbase”.

6. Become a Guest Writer to Earn More Money Online: Make Money From Internet

If you are an proficient in a particular field (Like Technology, Business Development, Health, Cars, etc etc anything else) you can write guest posts for bloggers who run profitable earning blogs on these subjects. Some big bloggers, who make money from blogging, can pay part of their profits if you can write an authoritative post for them. You can even earn as much as $500 by writing just 1 article!

Remember, however easy it may sound, but you get good earnings from Guest Blogging only if you really an expert in your field.

Please comment below if you face any difficulty in Make Money From Internet with the above mentioned methods. I'am happy to advise you to Make Money From Internet as I'am are doing now.

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