LINE Messenger Tips and Tricks that You Must Know

Probably you may use different messaging apps that you can use for different purposes, but LINE app is more than a messaging app. It’s an entire social media pattern. In this article I have explained 16 Line Messenger Tips and Tricks.

1. Remove Your Phone Number with Line Messenger Tips:

Well, this is really tricky because once the LINE App installed you can’t unregistered your mobile number, but you can change your logging options to trick your app into un-linking your mobile number (or) you can use another number. Before starting with this trick you might want to backup all your chat history because you might lose them. After you done with backing it up, you need to go to “Settings” and click on “Accounts”.

Now you just need to link your Facebook account & give all the permission that the app requires. After the Facebook account is linked you need to uninstall the Line app from your mobile. Now, you can re-install the app to login into LINE App using your Facebook account. That’s it, We’ve done.

Line Messenger Tips

2. Restrict Automatic Addition From the Contacts:

If you don’t want to allow those who have your phone number to add you in their LINE contact list automatically, this option will be turned off. By turning this off, only they can add you once you’ve accepted their friend request.Please follow below steps to activate.

  1. Open LINE app >> More >> Settings.
  2. Tap on Friends and un-select Allow Others to Add.

Line Messenger Tips

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3. Make a Free Call To Any LINE User in your contact list:

Simply like Viber and Messenger, LINE also has a Free Call option that you can call to any LINE user for free. You need active Internet connection of course.

Line Messenger Tips

  1. First of all enter a chat room with the friend you want to call.
  2. Click on the down arrow at the top right corner and hit on Free Call to start calling.

4. Share your Timeline Updates In Chat:

If there’s anything interesting shared on your Timeline updates that you want to forward to friends, here’s how you can do it. Note that, you can only forward the updates from public accounts.

  1. On your Timeline page, find which update that you wanted to share.
  2. Press and hold on the post and select To Chat.
  3. Select whether you want to send it to a single person or any group chat.

Line Messenger Tips

5. Find the Specific Messages using Line Messenger Tips:

If you are having a really hard time recall a particular conversation that involved some details to the office meeting you just don’t have to stress yourself out. No need scrolling million messages, just type the related keyword in search bar, and you will find all chats pop up that have this keyword used within.

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6. Add friends by shaking the mobile:

Line has more than single way to add friends in Line contacts. One of the popular way to add your friends is shaking your phone. Simply you have to shake your phone at the same time as your friend. To enable this feature go to More >> Add friends >> Shake it and both of you will be connected in this cool way.

Line Messenger Tips

7. Manage the Line blog:

Every group chat you are using has a Blog to see and interact just like a social networking website. To access the blog, just swipe left. It is quite simple, impressive and a great experience. You can share these blog posts to chat for your friends to view.

8. Use the Line App on PC using Line Messenger Tips:

It’s really much easier to chat on bigger screen with a proper keyboard to type than mobile. All the features from Line  app which is available in mobile, they also can be experienced on the desktop as well. Simply Download and Install the Line App for PC to get an idea on how to use Line App on PC. Login with your existing account or create a new one. You can download the application for desktop from here.

Line application is available in the app store for For windows 8 users. Once you know how to use Line on PC, you can have a better experience with this Line App.

Line Messenger Tips

9. Improve image qualityu sing Line Messenger Tips:

The pictures you share with your friends will be of extremely low quality by Default. This can be changed, in the main page go to more and then go to settings. Now click on “Chats & voice” and change the tick from Low to Normal in photo quality.

10. Set Custom Ringtone using Line Messenger Tips:

If your ringtone is boring, then you can use something interesting. Go to > more > settings notifications > tone. There you can select a ringtones given by LINE App by default. If you want to customize the ring tone then following the same steps, simply go to the option ‘Others’ from the tone list.

Line Messenger Tips

11. Cash your sticker sets:

People do not know that they can make some cash by creating personal sticker sets on LINE app. All you need to do is Register & upload original images in a ZIP file format to be approved by the LINE app community. If you succeed, you can earn around 50% of sticker sales.

12. You can find your old School Buddies using Line Messenger Tips:

You can find this option in social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. But now LINE has this facility to connect with your old school or college friends.

If you are not in touch with your old school friends and you love to chit chat with them, LINE makes it possible for you. Simply download ‘LINE Alumni’ and you will be asked to enter the Name of your School and Graduation Year. Really Interesting one , Right?

13. Set time to Erase your Chat:

You can erase your Chat using “Hidden Chat” option. You have to set the time, after which all the messages will be erased from the receivers chat. This is a reliable way to share any private information.

To start the hidden chat, commence chat with an individual, tap on the name, select the 1st option “Hidden Chat” and you can find a hidden corner of Line chat. You can find a padlock symbol next to the person’s name to mark that it’s a private conversation. You can set the timer from two seconds to one week by simply tapping the “Timer” option. As soon as the other user see the hidden message, the timer starts counting and it will erase after the set time reaches.

It will be deleted automatically after 2 weeks if the receiver does not see the Hidden Message till 2 weeks.

14. Share your favorite Stickers:

You can surely find the best stickers on LINE app. You can share them with your friends who are equally crazy about them. Well, stickers can’t be sent from the ‘app sticker store’ anymore, but you can simply use your Laptop/PC, sign into the LINE Store and select the Stickers and send them as gift to your loved ones.

15. Get free Coins on LINE Appu sing Line Messenger Tips:

Do you want to get some extra coins to buy stickers? LINE App offers free coins for  playing games, watching videos and downloading & Launching the Apps. Many people has a doubt that how to get coins on LINE App? Here is how! Simply go to Settings and click Free Coins. You can find the available offers and complete them to get your free coins. Line keeps adding the new offers time to time, so make sure to check there regularly.

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16. Save Important Messages from your Chat using Line Messenger Tips:

Sometimes you may want to save a message to a folder where you can view them later, especially if they are really important messages. You can simply do this by going to the chat and clicking on the drop-down menu button and hit on “Edit Messages”.

Now simply select the option of “Save to Notes” and tick the messages that you wanted to save, so really it’s an simple way to manage things.

Line Messenger Tips

With this Line Messenger tips and tricks, you can have a great experience with the LINE App. Get the best out of this remarkable App and stay connected safely and securely with all your family and friends.

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