How Many Unique Visitors Required To Advertising In Your Blog?

How Many Visitors Required To Advertising on Your Own Blog?

This is your dream, Right?

The Answer is 250 Unique Visitors Per Day

I suggest you to start advertising on your own blog around the point that your averaging at least 250 Visitors per day. So it looks like over a month of time approximately 7,500 unique visitors.

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I have some logic’s why I suggest that number:

  1. The fact of that you have 250 visitors per day means that your posts & content are good enough for people to keep coming back to your blog for more.
  2. Also, this means that you more likely to get “organic” traffic from search engines. Organic traffic always converts better which simply means that your advertising’s will be more effective day by day. That’s a good thing, Right?
  3. You have created expectation of your posts from your Blog Readers (And the Search Engines tooo). This is a good thing.
  4. It appears you are committed to your blog. Advertisers can expect Returns.
  5. You, at this point, have been consistent with your blog writing and have a very good grasp on what it takes to develop content day by day. You have been training yourself for advertising.
  6. Luck is no longer the part of your traffic andlsoour Twitter, Facebook or other Social Media Networks are not doing most of the heavy lifting for you, they are useful for some extent only. Your real organic Traffic is coming from the Better sources, like Email Subscriptions, Track Backs/Link Backs, , RSS Subscribers Referrals and Newsletters.
  7. Finally, with 250 unique visitors a day you have Readers who can purchase your products and also clicks your advertisements! Better than nothing, right? It’s time to celebrate!

The above Reasons can help you formulate your approach and your timing to start advertising on your blog. If you’re not getting around 250 unique visitors per day then you can spend the time,   focus and energy on developing great content.

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How Long Will It Take to Get 250 Unique Visitors a Day?

This is a great question which is really hard to estimate, but here’s what I’ve observed historically happen when a blogger commits to their blog.

If a blogger:

  • On Average 250-500 words per a post
  • Commits to blogging at least 3-4 post a day at the very beginning of your blog. Later you can post at least 1 post per day.
  • Spends your time Responding to comments and generating feedback.
  • Focuses on your content content.
  • Cultivates their community well and with authenticity.
  • Use social media like Twitter and Facebook strategically.
  • Finally doesn’t do something ridiculously with your blogging platform (Like Bloating it with unnecessary Third Party Plugins, Software).

Then there is  no Reason why you can’t have at least 250 unique visitors by the end of the first 6 months. I’ve seen this done much faster as well as much longer as well.

So friends, Finally one word I wanna tell you. Great Content is a key to increase your visitors.

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