Hack Whatsapp Chat

Hack WhatsApp Chat History Messages, Spy Friends Chat Conversation

There are several ways to Read someone’s WhatsApp Messages Hack Whatsapp Chat, but in this article I’am going to explain the easy and simple 2 methods which you can complete the process within 3 minutes for each step. I hope you will use this features for useful purpose only.

Note: May be you access someone's WhatsApp messages with your mobile device, spyware (or) computer. Monitoring an individual’s message conversations without their prior permission is a VIOLATION of PRIVACY. Before you going take any further steps towards access their WhatsApp account, ask that person for permission. Use this article "Hack Whatsapp Chat" for useful purpose only.

Method 1: See their WhatsApp Messages on Your Desktop (or) Laptop Screen to Hack Whatsapp Chat:

1. Open “WhatsApp” on their Phone


2. Go to >> Settings

3. Select “WhatsApp Web” & click on “OK” when asked if it can access the phones camera

4. Navigate to web.whatsapp.com

5. Check the box  “Keep me Signed in” as shown in below image.


6. Scan QR code: Scan QR code shown on the computer screen with their mobile device. Once scanned the QR Code, a green check mark will appear on the phone screen. The webpage will redirected to their WhatsApp mobile dashboard that where you will be able to monitor & access their conversations.

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Method 2: Hack Whatsapp Chat using Spy Software

Get permission from the person whose Chat History you are interested to see. They require that you are going to track their messages only with prior approval, so make sure to ask that person whose mobile you want to monitor & get their permission before you proceed with the following methods.


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Method 3: Hack Whatsapp Chat by Choose an App (or) Program:

Spyware Apps are too powerful, these Apps will grant you nearly unrestricted access to a person’s mobile device. They are even capable of monitoring a person’s WhatsApp, tracking someone’s location and even recording of individual’s phone calls by Hack Whatsapp Chat.There are a number of different app’s and programs you can choose from. Options include:

  • Highster Mobile
  • FlexiSPY
  • Phone Sheriff
  • mSpy

Once you complete downloading, then install the spyware on your mobile device. You must download the spyware app on their phone too in order to monitor a person’s mobile device.

Hack WhatsApp Chat by Set up the App and Start Tracking:

Follow the app instructions to create an account. After set up everything properly, you can be able to review the person’s WhatsApp messages. You can also have access to their phone calls, text messages and even passwords too.

Note: So friends I hope you learnt that how your haters will access your mobile without your prior permission.

So be careful while you give your mobile to someone. Hope you guys will use this features for useful purpose only. Do not use this for unofficial purpose and don’t spoil someone’s life.


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