Google Home Unknown Tricks

Google Home Unknown Tricks and Tips

Google Home is not just a speaker with built-in Google Search. You can control your Home devices, play music and youtube videos, replace your desktop speakers, cue up a movie on your TV and many more. Here are some Google Home Unknown Tricks to get you started with your new Google Buddy. It’s going to launch in India soon. We thought it was great time we lay out some of the best Google Home Unknown Tricks for my Readers.

Disable the microphone: Google Home Unknown Tricks

There’s a button on backside of the Google Home, that stops the microphone from constantly listening for wake phrase of “OK, Google.” When pressed, you will hear “Microphone is off” from the speaker & it’s lights will turn into orange (or) maybe it’s Red).

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Press that button again to enable the microphone & use the Google Home as you normally would. Some people like to have the option of disable the microphone when they not use it (or) when having a sensible conversation near the device that’s always listening.

Play on Chromecast from the Google Home Device: Google Home Unknown Tricks

Follow the same steps as “Rename Your Google Home Device” to change the name of your Chromecast to make it easier to play content on your TV. For my test, I renamed my Chromecast device to “TV”. Makes it simple to tell the Google Home to play a video from YouTube in my TV. (For Example. “OK, Google, play music on my TV.”)

So, rename your Chromecast to something that’s easy to say & remember & interacting with it through the Google Home will be breeze.

Guest Mode in Google Home Unknown Tricks

Google Home works as a Chromecast audio device, allowing friends & family to use it without accessing to your Wi-Fi network.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

You can enable Guest Mode by simply going to Home >> Devices >> Menu >> Guest Mode. Enable Guest Mode & then wait for a PIN, which you will need to provide it to Guests who will connect to your device.

Rename Your Google Home Device – Google Home Unknown Tricks

In the Google Home app on your Android (or) iOS device, Go to >> Settings for your Google Home device. This is done by going to the Devices >> Menu >> Settings. Under the Device Info section, click on Name.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Rename your Google Home whatever you like, but keep in mind that as you add more devices to your home, you’ll make the names easy to remember based on the location. In that way when you request Google Home to start playing music on multiple speakers, you will know the name of the exact speaker you wanted to use & they aren’t left guessing.

Use the Google ecosystem

To get the most of Google Home device, use all other Google’s products. It’s designed to work with all Google products that many people frequently use, such as Google Calendar & Google Keep. When combined them with Google Home, you can make Google Assistant a true Personal Assistant. It can check your set Reminders, Schedules, adds items to your shopping lists and many more – and all with your simple voice command.

Reboot Google Home Unknown Tricks

What do you do when some of your gadget stops working? You Restart it (or) “Reboot” it. So, Google Home also included this in the Home app. Simply open the Home & then select Devices >> Menu >> Reboot. That’s it finished.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Set Assistant Preferences – Google Home Unknown Tricks

All your interaction with Google Home is done with Google’s Assistant, Google’s updated personal assistant that’s built into chat app Pixel phones, Allo & it’s Google Home now.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Open the Home app and slide out the Menu drawer from the left side of the screen & then press on More settings.

I suggest you to start with the sections News & My Day. In News you can select various audio news updates to listen to. Use My Day to set what are the details included when you prompt the Google Home to tell you about your loving day. Options include the Weather, Next meeting, Commute time, Pending Reminders & Play Newscasts.

Change the Music source with Google Home Unknown Tricks

The Google Home currently supports Google Play Music, YouTube Red, Pandora & Spotify. To set your preferred music source, open the Music section in more settings & select a music service. If you haven’t linked it to the Home yet, you’ll be prompted to at that time.

When you set up your device for the first time, you’re given a complimentary 6 month subscription to YouTube Red & by extension Google Play Music.

Connect with Services: Google Home Unknown Tricks

Third-party applications and services will become key to the success of Google Home Device. At launch, Google Home’s services were limited to Uber only. Now the list is big & full of services ranging, where Google Home tries to guess the animal you’re thinking of.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Find a list of supported services in More settings >> Services. Tap on service you want to connect with your Google Home device and then follow the prompts.

Restrict Inappropriate Content in Google Home Unknown Tricks

With the Google Home Device, it easy for anyone to begin playing Music & YouTube videos, it’s likely your childrens are going to have their own requests.

In order to avoid any inappropriate content Go to >> More settings & then scroll down to the bottom of the page & enable YouTube Restricted mode.

You can View Command History: Google Home Unknown Tricks

Google saves a copy of every voice command given to the Google Home in the Google account tied to the device. You can view all of your previous commands, & remove anything you don’t want stored in your account with simply a few taps.

Google Home Unknown Tricks

Again, Go >> More settings & then scroll to the bottom of the page then tap on My Activity.

A webpage will open, displaying the time, date & request. Tap on the play button to hear what the Google Home recorded, & if you want to remove it from your history, tap on the menu button then Delete.

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