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Facebook Hidden Tips & Tricks – 7 Amazing Unknown Features [New 2017]

Facebook have been for more than a Decade. But Still many users may not know about Facebook Hidden Tips and Tricks still emerging today. So here are few of best hidden facebook things.

1st Facebook Hidden Tips:  Find who Rejected your Friend Request on Fb

Have you ever wanted to see the users who have rejected your friend request on Facebook, Here it is! (Maybe it is bad news, depending on how you takes it). There’s a very simple way to do it.

Committed users of the social network for the last 10 years will most probably have had few rejections along the way to creating a friends list, that likely includes random primary school classmates you would avoid in the street, your colleagues (or) distant relatives anybody can reject your friend request.


It takes less than a minute, see how to it:

  • Open Facebook (This feature available for Mobile App too)
  • Now Click on the Friend Request tab
  • Select ‘View All’ from the Drop down menu
  • Now click on ‘View Sent Requests’

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2nd Facebook Hidden Tips: Hide My Last Seen From Fb Messenger

Now you are going to know the method of Hiding Last Seen in Facebook Chat.

So, there is a Tip to “Hide Last Seen in Facebook Chat”This method is very straight and manageable and you can undoubtedly implement these steps explained below. Actually, this Tip works with a browser extension that will help you to chat. Simply follow the below steps to implement.

3rd Facebook Hidden Tips: Hide Last Seen in Fb Chat In Google Chrome

Step 1. First of all install and open the Google Chrome Browser of your computer. Now in the browser, open the link by clicking here.


Step 2. Now you will see Facebook Unseen Extension in the displayed page. Now click on install, and installation process will begin and this extension will get added into your web browser.

Step 3. That’s it! You are done with that and you can just see all the messages without showing Last seen on that. Amazing, Right.

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4th Facebook Hidden Tips: Access your ‘Other’ inbox

Did you know that there is a Secret Facebook Messenger Inbox ?

When Facebook decides there something called spam, then it diverts it to your Message Request inbox, where it can decline unread until the end of time. Do you know where to find it.


Follow there steps to View Diverted Messages:

  • Open Facebook Messenger on your Mobile
  • Click on the ‘Me’ section at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Then Go to >> ‘People’ Section
  • Now Select “Message Requests”
  • Then hit the link saying “See Filtered Messages”
That’s it! You are done with that and you can see all the messages Diverted to Hidden Inbox.

5th Facebook Hidden Tips: Log-out Facebook from Anywhere in the World Remotely

If you have stayed logged on to Facebook on a public computer accidentally, don’t fear, you can log-out from another location.

Go to Settings >> Go to Security >> Go to Where You’re Logged In and then Click on ‘End Activity’ to log out Remotely from anywhere in the world.



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6th Facebook Hidden Tips: Send and Receive Money with Facebook Messenger

If some of your loved one needs cash to pay for something urgently, then instead of dealing with Western Union (or) some other money transfer methods you can send money right inside the Facebook!

You could do this via Facebook Messenger with Desktop PC (or) Mobile apps.

You will need to have a Debit card (or) Credit card added to your account, so keep that in mind.


7th Facebook Hidden Tips: Save Feature

We are all busy. Sometimes when you’re on Facebook, you don’t even have time to read an article (or) watch a video that is shared by friend or Page.


But in the past, you have to do it right then (or) you miss it since the News Feed moves down so fast.

Facebook has solved this dilemma by introducing a new feature called “Save” on both Desktop & Mobile Devices.

I think everyone will love this feature. I use it to keep my loved articles and interesting videos to view at a later time without missing them, the thing is you must remember that you saved them!

Get the best out of this Remarkable Hidden Features and stay connected securely and safely with all your friends and family.

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