Fake Facebook Login Page

Fake Facebook Login Page – Create Fake FB Login Wall Page

Have you ever heard that you can Create a Funny Fake Facebook Login Page as 8429 likes, 34 talking about this, 926 comments etc.

You can create the Fake Facebook Login Page in Facebook. And fool your friends by creating the Fake Facebook Login Page posts for Fun. You can create a fake update as any popular person is Replied to your personal post. Let’s example Kohli (or) Dhoni can reply to your posts.

It is a simple and free  tool that lets you create Funny Fake Facebook wall. Everything is Customizable on this Wall.

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See How to Do Fake Facebook Login Page:

  1. Visit The Wall Machine Website page.
  2. Login using your Facebook Account & you will get access to edit the wall.
  3. Now you will see editor, so now simply click on the name and you can edit them easily and add any other name so it depends upon you whichever you like.
  4. Also you can upload some nice photos to make it look like original post. You can search the images on Google search option for required person.
  5. You can also add more stuff just clicking the Sky Blue Bar.
  6. That’s it. Now click on Save and your are done. Now provide a nice title and then simply share it with your friends.

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Let us know if you face any difficulty in create a Fake Facebook Login Page. We are happy to Advice you.

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