Careful of your Children with Mobile Radiation (Ten Times of an Adult Brain)

Your Children Brain Absorbs Radiation of Ten Times of an Adult Brain with Electronic Devices:

The skull of the Child is very Thin comparing with the adults Brain. So, Brain tissue is more absorbent than that of Adults which leads to Brain cancer sometimes. Mobile phones have Saturated the Latest Teenage Demographic with 94% of 16 and 17 year olds are now owning a phone. The Recent Research shows that Childs Brain Absorbs 10 Times the Radiation of an Adult Brain. Now a days Teenagers are Exposed To more than 6000 Hours Of Mobile Phone Radiation before a Conclusive Study is Completed.


New Research shows that 35% of childs aged 8 to 11 years are now own a mobile phone (That means more Mobile Radiation), a figure which has almost doubled since 2007.

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Wifi Exposure can be most Dangerous as per Latest observations than before. And the results are more vulnerable especially for childrens. Government warnings have been issued, but most of the public is unaware of this Radition towards children. Some times this Radiation leads to brain cancer most probably for children below 11 years.


Is This Really Acceptable Risk for your Children? Think before allowing your Children to use your Mobile, Laptop or any other Electronic Gadgets. Small change in Life style can make our Life more Healthy & Happy.

My suggestion is to reduce the usage of Electronic Gadgets (Including the Wifi)  near the children if possible.


Spread this Article to as many people as possible and alert your Freinds and Family.

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