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Boost Wifi Speed – 5 Best Ways To Double Your Wifi Speed [How to]

Wi-Fi is one of the most useful and important parts of our computer or smartphone. Everyone needs faster, Stronger Wi-Fi. Your Wifi speed depends upon your Internet Plan and Phone Performance. So learn everything with this small guide “How to Boost Wifi Speed”.

You can increase your WiFi speed by simply changing your mobile and WiFi Router Settings as explained in this Article. If everything works which I have explained below, I’m sure your Wi-Fi speed will get increased twice. At least, if some of the below-explained tips work, your WiFi speed will get increased by 30% – 40% for sure.

I think, you always connecting with WiFi when you will be at Home. Then you must have Very Good Signal strength for Browsing, Social Networking, Downloading Songs, Playing any online Games, Video calling etc.

So here are the 5 Simple Tricks to Speed up Your Wi-Fi Signals at Home

1. Don’t Limit your Router’s Frequency Band:

The Most Android Smart Phones can keep running on the 5 GHz frequency band and in addition to the old 2.4 GHz band. What does this mean? On the higher frequencies, similar to 5 GHz, there’s considerably more free space on the range. There are 23 channels of 20 MHz each on the 5 GHz frequency, which is substantially more than the 14 channels offered on 2.4 GHz. Since the channels don’t cover, you’re probably going to improve signals on your WiFi.


If your WiFi router works on the 5 GHz band (Most Recent Routers do), then Switch your mobile over to that band too by going to Settings > WiFi > Advanced > Wi-Fi Frequency Band, then tap Auto. This will guarantee that your mobile runs on the 5 GHz band when possible.

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2. Advise Your Mobile to Stay Away From Poor Connections:

In the Android Mobile Settings menu, there is a small option that advises your mobile to avoid poor WiFi connections, that is while it is searching for available networks it will actually avoid such those poor signals. This will save you a lot in the terms of power and irritation. Just go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap the overflow menu button and then Advanced. Here you will see the checkbox to avoid poor connections.


3. Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router Boost Wifi Speed:

This is the another simple trick that can greatly improve your  Wi-Fi connection at your home is the optimization of the Router’s Location. Routers may be ugly, but that doesn’t mean you should hide them behind the TV cabinet or any. If you want the strong signal, you will put it out in the open, free of any walls and obstructions. This may be a small tip, but it can increase your Wi-Fi speed unbelievably.

4. These Apps can Boost Wifi Speed:

 a. Memory booster:

This is the best Wi-Fi speed Booster App as per the personal experience. Believe me, I’m pretty sure that you will love this App for sure.

b. Wi-Fi Analyzer:

This is an amazing App to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

c. Internet Connection Booster:

This is an another fantastic App that can Boost up your Android phone connection up to 20%. With this App installed on your device, you can speed up your Wi-Fi Internet Connections instantly. Apart from that, it can also boost your mobile Bluetooth Transfer speed up to +20%. This helps you to optimize your Wi-Fi Speed.

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5. Look at New Technology:

The Eero wireless boxes can increase Wi-Fi Speeds tenfold. Its three boxes work together to distribute WiFi throughout a house without any extra wiring.  But it is not friendly to use at home.

Apart from above explained Boost Wifi Speed tips, you make sure to protect your Wi-Fi with a password. So that you can restrict others to use your Wifi. For this, change your wifi password periodically to Boost Wifi Speed. 

Simply you can download some Wifi Boosting Apps by Clicking here

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