Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

10 Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017 – Uknown Features Wechat Users Must Know

As a messaging App, Wechat has expanded quite a bit since it was launched. Wechat doesn’t just have the regular features of other messaging app’s, it takes it even further with the stickers & emotions that allows for more customization. Currently, there are more than 250 million active Wechat users located in more than 200 countries. Around 200 million people have to be on to something. In this article, I’am going to explain Latest 10 Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017.

There are a lot of amazing Tricks & Tips that are present in Wechat but many people don’t know about. If you are looking for some Wechat Tricks Tips for 2017, you are at the correct place as today I will share some Wechat Tricks & Tips for you.

1. Transfer Files With Web WeChat: 10 Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

Web WeChat also allows you to transfer files of less than 10 MB from your computer to your device. Big paragraphs of texts can also send to yourself with this feature.


File types like MOV, PDF, MSOffice , MP3 documents like PPT & DOCX as well as image files can be opened & viewed in WeChat. If a file is not recognized by WeChat, you can select & use another app installed on your device to open it.

2. How to Block Someone on WeChat using Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

  1. Go to your contact list & click on the profile of the person you want to block.
  2. Look for the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen:

Best Wechat Tricks Tips

You can block from your contact list or from People Nearby. See the 3 dots?

3: Connect with Facebook – Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

When you simply download & install WeChat, you might want to directly try through your current account instead of register a new ones.

Best Wechat Tricks Tips

Well, WeChat also support using Facebook Connect.

How is it? Easy & quick, huh? 🙂

4: Look Around and Find Friends Nearby – Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

You are invited to a party, some friends you already know, some are strange to you, but it’s good to know them. How can WeChat help you?

Best Wechat Tricks Tips

Use “Look Around”.

Very simple, you will find friends nearby,

  • Ask your friends to install WeChat from
  • Now Go to “Social”, click “look around”
  • You will see each other
  • Then Click the friend you want to add to your contacts,
  • Now you are friends now.

5. Hide Mobile Number with Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

1st Step: Simply Click the Navicon and Go to >> Settings.

2nd Step: Then Click the Privacy and Go to >> Find Me by Mobile Number to disable this function

6. WeChat Voice:

This is not a built in function, & would need to be downloaded for free from Google Play Store (or) Apple itunes. This add-on app let you switch your voice in voice messages.

Best Wechat Tricks Tips

There are 7 different voices as well as 6 different background tracks to select from. Send your funny voice messages thru WeChat & give your friends a shock. This one is really fun & is one of my favorite WeChat trick.

7: WeChat Has No “Delivery Confirmation”, Why ?



“WeChat has this purposely”

1st, Because, a good mobile IM should ‘deliver successfully’

Only bad service will cause “deliver not successfully”

2nd, “Delivery confirmation” “Read“ make user less pressure in Chatting.

Let’s say you are in busy & read someone’s message, if it shows “Read”, you will feel pressure that you must reply soon? actually chatting should not give user such pressure, for real serious & urgent case, people will simply call instead of sending messages. right?

Then friends showed their interests & many asked me if they can save these words, if they can spread these words, they like WeChat design philosophy!

Yes, the design is from Allen Zhang & his team.

8. Shake Your Mobile: Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

Shaking your mobile is another feature where you can meet random people not too far from you. It gives you a random person (Who also using Shake at the same time) to chat with. You can choose to chat with the person (or) shake again to get another person in random.


Users can only look you if you are in this mode only, so log out of it if you do not want a ‘Shaker’ to enter your life.

9. How to see all photos shared between 2 persons: Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

There’s a way for you to look for Photos only shared between you & your friend. This is an album (or) an image gallery that is categorized by whom you share the photos with. Lets see how to do this:

Best Wechat Tricks Tips


  1. Enter the chat room you have with your friend & look for any recent photos. Click to open.
  2. Swipe Left (or) Right to slide between photos to see all the pics shared between you & your friend. Also you can click on the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to see the entire album.

10. Change Displayed Name in Contacts: Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017

It is easy to rename any contact in your WeChat list. Simply go to the contact that you wish to rename, then go into the contact’s profile. From the top right corner of your mobile, there would be an additional menu that indicated with 3 dots. Click on it & choose Remarks. On the Alias field, you can rename the displayed name of the contact.

Hope you are enjoying the Best Wechat Tricks Tips 2017 & they might be helpful in using in an efficient way. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box if I missed to any Tricks. I will add them to the post.

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