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Aadhar Payment App For Every Indian – Download Free Aadhaar Pay App APK

Aadhar Payment App is the easiest method of payment. It is the cheapest method of payment. Every 1 of us can use this payment. Be it rich or poor. Be it a person with phone or without phone. Whether it is a city (or) small village, this payment method is a mother of all the payment methods in future. Yes, the Aadhar Payment App is going to be the most revolutionary Money payment methods. In this Post, I will tell you about this Aadhar Payment app. I will explain how can 40 crore people of India can use this Aadhar Payment App. I will also let you know that how can you pay without using smartphone.

Let’s jump into the Concept of Aadhar Payment App…

What is Aadhar Payment App:

There are lots of payment apps in the market. The UPI apps are Paytm, SBI Pay, Phonepe, Freecharge & mobile wallets etc. But, the Aadhar Payment App is special. It will make our life very easy. Can you imagine such an app which doesn’t require a mobile phone?

Yes, you can pay through the Aadhar Payment App without phone. It is possible because you the customer do not require the app. The merchant or people, who want money, have to arrange a smartphone, app, etc. The payers don’t require anything. Isn’t so good!! In fact, this app is made for the merchants & shopkeepers. It is not for you, you would only enjoy its benefits.

The Aadhar Payment App uses your fingerprint for secure authentication. On the basis of this verification, the money will paid from your Aadhaar linked Bank account to the Merchants Bank account.

Benefits of Aadhar Payment App:

Now you are aware about the ease of the Aadhar Payment App. It is easy to customer as merchants need to arrange for the smartphone, App & fingerprint scanner. Let us compile the benefits of the Aadhar Payment App.

  1. Customers need not to have android smartphone (or) any other technology to make payments.
  2. No service tax (or) any other extra charge on the payments while using Aadhar Payment App.
  3. There is no need to carry debit card or credit card.
  4. No need to remember PINs, MPIN’s & passwords.
  5. Instant Payments through Aadhaar Pay system, this is similar to Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).
  6. Affordable payment solution for merchants as well as customers.

Requirement For This Aadhar Payment App Method of Payment:

The Aadhar Payment App doesn’t require any gazette & physical things from the customer. However, a customer should remember his/ her Aadhaar number & keep its finger clean. That is enough from customer’s side.

What are the Customers Requirement for Aadhar Payment App:
  1. Your Aadhaar card number
  2. A Bank Account linked with your Aadhaar card
  3. Clean and Neat Fingers
What are the Merchants Requirements for Aadhar Payment App:

On the other hand the merchant have to make more arrangements. These are the requirement for the person who want payment.

  1. Smartphone Mobile
  2. Working Internet connection
  3. Aadhar Payment App
  4. Fingerprint Scanner and
  5. Bank Account

How does Aadhar Payment App works?

For making a working Aadhar Payment App system you have to follow below explained steps.

  • Merchants (or) shopkeepers will have to install Aadhaar cashless merchant app in their Smartphones.
  • Buy a fingerprint scanner & connect it with the mobile phone. It can be done by using simple USB cable. You can also but fingerprint scanner online. The price starts from Rs.2000/-.
  • Customers will feed their Aadhaar number into the app at the time of payment.
  • Now this App will show you all the linked bank accounts. Now, you have to choose the desired bank account. This option comes only if you have more than 1 Aadhaar linked bank accounts.
  • Put your finger on the fingerprint scanning screen. Your fingerprint will work as a password for the secure payment. The reader would transfer your fingerprint data to the app.
  • The app verifies your fingerprints with the available data in Aadhaar card Database. If it matches, the NPCI would get the proceed ahead message. The NPCI transfers the money from 1 account to another. To facilitate this transaction the Aadhaar bridge payment system will be used.

The UIDAI & NPCI both plays their roles in this payment.

What are the Limitations of Aadhar Payment App:

  1. Aadhar pay App makes the payment very easy and effortless for the customer, but merchants have to bear some extra initial investment of fingerprint scanner. However, it is 1 time expense & cheaper than existing POS machine. The price of fingerprint scanner starts from Rs.2,000/-.
  2. You cannot use this kind of payment for person to person transfer as it asks for the fingerprint scanner.
  3. The App works on internet; it makes this system worthless in no coverage area (or) internet weak coverage.
  4. The unreliable internet connection can be an irritant. It can also turn into a headache.

What is the Future of Aadhar Payment App:

Debit/credit cards are considered essential for a cashless economy. But these are not praised by customers & merchants. The main reason behind the failure is their charges. Merchants will be charged around 2-3% with the Credit card (or) Debit card payments. Card companies like “MasterCard” & Visa also used to charge 2% of the amount. But with Aadhar Payment app, you do not to worry about any charges. The payments withthe Aadhar Payment App do not have any extra charges. So this method is supposed to be accepted broadly by merchants as well as the customers of India.

The officials of the government said that around 40 crore Aadhaar numbers have already linked to bank accounts. This number is equivalent to the half of the majors in India. The aim of the government is to link all bank accounts with Aadhaar by March, 2017. If everything goes well, the India will see a boom towards a cashless economy soooooon.

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